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Become a Part of NAYSO! 

What to know before applying.

The New Apollo Orchestra is hosted in Berkeley at Longfellow Middle School. For the 2023-24 season, we will be having two separate orchestras! Rehearsals for both the Senior and Jr. Orchestras will be happening on Sunday evenings beginning September 10. It is important for musicians to be in attendance at every rehearsal as there are limited rehearsals per each concert. 

New to the 2023-24 season we will have our first New Apollo Concert Band! The New Apollo Concert Band is a group that is dedicated to providing a full band experience for beginning musicians on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Our goal is to play and learn many kinds of music, as well as to connect young musicians with professionals on their instruments. For any questions, please email the director Rehearsals will be held at Longfellow Middle School on Tuesday evenings beginning October 17. Applications are open now! Find the link below.

Orchestra Playing Capability

Senior Orchestra: Musicians should be able to play multiple two octave scales on their instrument. Violinists seeking to be a first violin should be comfortable with shifting into 3rd or higher positions. Musicians should be comfortable with book 2 Suzuki or grade 3 orchestra music. 

Junior Orchestra: Musicians should be able to play a one octave D major scale on their instrument. All musicians should be at least able to read music on their A, D and G strings. 

If you are unsure which orchestra you would fit into, check with a current teacher, or email the New Apollo artistic director at to confirm where you would be placed.


Applications for the 2023-2024 Season are now open!

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